Remake Learning in Your Community

Use this tool to create and share an editable gameplan for remaking learning in your own community, based on the Network Playbook created by The Sprout Fund.


Build your network, pick your plays, assemble your team, and get to work.

The Remake Learning Gameplan is an interactive web app that allows you to adapt and remix the contents of the Remake Learning Playbook to generate a custom version of the Playbook designed for your community.

Complete these steps to make your Gameplan:

  1. Initial Survey: Answer a few questions about yourself and your community to help prepare the system.
  2. Meet Your Coach: Hear from a member of the Remake Learning Network with a similar background.
  3. Identify Partners: List organizations in your community who represent the sectors necessary to build a network.
  4. Select Plays: Learn how you can put network building strategies into action.
  5. Set Goals: Establish measurable objectives that your network will work to achieve.
  6. Choose Team Members: Assemble a team of collaborators who can help you move this work forward.
  7. Download Advocacy Kits: Create presentations for the audiences your team will need to recruit.
  8. View & Share: Publish your Gameplan and share it with your team to get started remaking learning.

Your work is saved every time you complete a step, so you can take your time. After completing the intitial survey below, you'll be provided with a unique URL for your Gameplan that you can bookmark and easily return to later.

Initial Survey Step 1

Let’s begin by telling us a bit about yourself and your community.

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